• 4th Practice Forum - Realize Digital Transformation

    September 25/26, 2019 | RWTH Aachen Campus

    Review 2018


Realize Digital Transformation

Since establishing e.GO Mobile in 2015, we have shown its leaps of progress, enabled by digital and agile business processes and the support by member companies of the European 4.0 Transformation Center, at our annual Practice Forum taking place at RWTH Aachen Campus.

Our 4th Practice Forum - Realize Digital Transformation - gives you deep insights into strategy, products, processes and digitalization through keynote presentations, test driving the e.GO Life, visiting e.GO’s Industrie 4.0 series production, and discussing individually with E4TC and its member companies about your way to the Internet of Production.

The Aachen-originated Internet of Production architecture constitutes a compass to planning and roadmap to delivering 4.0 Transformation. We will show you at this one-day event how to apply and how to support the levers pivotal to rapid realization of your own way forward.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Aachen soon.

Sincerely yours

Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh, CEO, e.GO Mobile AG

Dr. Rupert Deger, Managing Director, European 4.0 Transformation Center

Program 2019

9/2518:30 - 22:00
  • Registration
  • Exhibition Opening
  • Dinner / Networking Reception

Cluster Smart Logistik, Atrium
Campus-Boulevard 57, 52074 Aachen

9/2608:00 - 08:30


Cluster Smart Logistik, Atrium

08:30 - 08:35

Opening & Welcome

Cluster Smart Logistik, Atrium

08:35 - 09:30

The New Platforms of New Mobility
Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh, CEO, e.GO Mobile AG

Cluster Smart Logistik, Atrium

09:30 - 10:00

The Internet of Production at e.GO
Ernest Debets, Vice President Information Technology and Digitalization, e.GO Mobile AG

Cluster Smart Logistik, Atrium

10:00 - 10:30

The 4.0 Transformation Modules leading to the Internet of Production
Dr. Rupert Deger, Dr.-Ing. Thomas Gartzen, Managing Directors, European 4.0 Transformation Center

Cluster Smart Logistik, Atrium

10:30 - 16:00

Internet of Production Expert Forum
Booths of Sponsoring Members and E4TC/e.GO Experts

Continuously in Atrium and
Demonstration Factory (DFA)

10:30 - 16:00

e.GO Life Test Drives
Individual test drive schedules, in parallel

Test drives station Campus-Boulevard 57

10:30 - 16:00

e.GO Series Factory Site Visits
Bus-size groups in intervals, in parallel

Phased shuttles to e.GO Series Factory

16:00 - 16:30

Wrap-up and Closing

Cluster Smart Logistik, Atrium

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Review 2018

3rd Practice Forum – Realize Digital Transformation

Over 150 international experts met at the RWTH Aachen Campus on October 10 and 11, experiencing the Internet of Production for R&D, manufacturing and customer related processes, and their implementation at e.GO Mobile’s new series factory in Aachen.

    Event Location

    Cluster Smart Logistik
    DFA Demonstrationsfabrik Aachen GmbH
    Campus-Boulevard 57
    52074 Aachen

    Cluster Smart Logistik

    Demonstration Factory Aachen (DFA)


    Cluster Smart Logistics on RWTH Aachen Campus

    More than 350 individuals from science and industry are currently engaged in research projects in the Smart Logistics Cluster, focusing on solutions for the flow of information and goods in the cyber-physical and real-time connected world. Industrie 4.0 and Industrial Internet are the main themes.


    European 4.0 Transformation Center

    The European 4.0 Transformation Center is a unique platform to realize and experience holistic process and solution architectures for Industrie 4.0 use cases. Under the heading “Realize Digital Transformation”, the Center bundles digital enterprise process knowledge of its research, technology and industry partners.


    e.GO Mobile AG

    e.GO is a dynamic electrical car start-up company residing on RWTH Aachen Campus. e.GO’s mission is to develop affordable electrical cars that are fun and practical. This ambitious objective is supported by state-of-the-art digital and manufacturing processes.


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    Partner and Research Manager
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